Welcome I'm Micky The Kidd

I'm a people person, Are You?

If you think you can, You Will - If you think you cannot, You won't! My favourite signature is "Think It Into Existence!" But whatever you do, DO NOT think negative because you CAN think that into existence too!

I started my own business ventures offline as a photographer with a gallery and design and print workshop. I did start an online gallery too but by the middle of 2005 the world recession started to bite!

In 2006 I took a long hard look at what I wanted to do and what I love to do, what was working and what wasn't! The results for me are quite an entreprenuerial mix and it seems I am still adding to this mix. As my business metamorphosed into what it is today a young designer asked me if I had a Facebook Business page. I told him, "Yes, I have four, which area are you interested in?" You see, I had four sections to my business then and had made pages and websites for each as I went.

The young man's reply was, "Don't you have a page for YOU? I've been looking for You on Facebook but only find your profile! He just rocked my world with that statement but he was right, I really needed to put everything I do together and this is the result. Thank you for rocking my world Ben :-)

This website will give you the basic building blocks of the better ways to give you a GOOD start. I am going to show you how to take your Dreams, turn them into Goals, then turn those Goals into a reality!

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Who can Make a Business work from Home

Anybody can work a business from home and be successful, whether you are 18 or 80 years of age, You can do it! Man, Woman, Teenager, Senior Citizen, Work at Home Moms or Dads, able or disabled, etc.

Any excuse you come up with against the idea, I will dismiss it! There ain't none! Well, almost none ;-)

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    Dare To Dream

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